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Philadelphia Rehab understands how painful the withdrawal can be

Alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms commence as early as two hours after the last use or drink, and can linger for weeks, and fluctuating from jitters and anxiety to serious health complications, such as delirium tremors and seizures. Since alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms can hastily worsen, it is imperative to seek out medical attention even if withdrawals appear as mild. Proper alcohol and drug withdrawal treatment and, detoxification, may lessen the risk of fatality during the withdrawal period.

Some of the milder withdrawal symptoms commencing alcohol or drugs are nausea, anxiety, tremors, headache, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, chills, and fatigue. A few of the more severe drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms are seizures and hallucinations. Although some people may find the possibility of detox scary, top-of-the-line facilities ensure detox is safe and suitable for each and every person. Detox concerns vary from one person to another and often, the ‘cold turkey’ method isn’t appropriate; actually, cold turkey may even be inappropriate in many instances. So local centers utilize healthy and confirmed methods that deal with each and every patient as individuals with different detox requirements. Call Philadelphia Rehab today to find a detox center or to speak to an experienced detox specialist in the Philadelphia, PA area, call (215) 867-8058 now!

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